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The Kegonsa Coinvest Fun I, LLC (the "Fund") is a growth stage investment fund based in Wisconsin. The Fund is managed by Kegonsa Capital Partners, LLC, a leading Wisconsin-based venture capital management firm.

For more information about the Kegonsa Coinvest Fund, please visit About the Fund.

Investment Focus

The Fund's investment focus is on growth stage companies that need to secure additional funding to grow revenue and market share.

The Fund is also focused on companies founded and/or who have their primary operations in Wisconsin. All of the Fund's growth and late stage investments have been made in Wisconsin-based companies.

Investment Criteria

The primary investment criteria for the Fund are:

  1. Experience. The Fund focuses on companies with an experienced CEO, particularly a CEO who has led one or more companies to a successful exit.
  2. Revenue. The Fund invests in companies with an established revenue model and revenue stream (although they may not yet have break even operations).
  3. Exit. The Fund's exit expectation is three years or less.

The Fund's investments have not been technology or product focused. Instead, the Fund's focus is investment segment and growth companies. The Fund has invested in biotech companies, pharmaceutical product companies, medical device companies, Web 2.0 companies, clean tech companies, and Internet companies.

About Kegonsa Capital Partners

Kegonsa Capital Partners, LLC is a leading Wisconsin venture capital management firm. It is also the general partner of the Kegonsa Seed Fund I, LP, Wisconsin's premier seed venture capital fund.

Kegonsa Capital Partners employs a Money for Minnows investment strategy. The goal of the Money for Minnows strategy is to maximize new company creation by spreading venture capital across diverse industries, technologies, and locations throughout Wisconsin.

For more information about the Money for Minnows strategy, please review this free white paper on the Kegonsa Capital Partners website.

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